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Educating Hearts and Minds

Magnified Giving is a 501(C)3 educational organization based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, with partner schools in greater Cincinnati, central Ohio, northeast Ohio, and northern Kentucky.  Our mission is to educate, inspire and engage students in philanthropy, and to touch the hearts and minds of teens, lighten the concerns of others, and magnify the impact of philanthropy.

WHAT WE DO  Our program concept is simple.   Partnering with high schools and middle schools, we give groups of students $1000 and invite them to invest our money in the local non-profit community.  Students research the social causes that touch their hearts, explore the non-profits serving those needs, meet with agency reps, participate in discussions, make critical decisions, and decide which non-profit organization should receive their $1000!  Students present their checks at our annual Awards Ceremonies where we celebrate what they've learned.  We even match up to $250 of student-generated funds, and give the cooperating teacher a stipend for his/her leadership.  Philanthropy education is alive and well in Ohio and Kentucky!

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Congratulations to the 86 school and community programs that are participating in Magnified Giving's Student Philanthropy Program this year!  Teacher training sessions have taken place and more than 4000 students from around the tri-state area have begun researching local non-profit organizations to see who should receive their grant money.  For more information contact Todd Forman at

EMPOWERING YOUTH   Did you know that during our 2015-16 school year, over 3000 students from our 61 school and community programs granted $103,358 to local non-profit organizations during our Awards Ceremonies? Check out the photos found HERE and on Twitter #mgawards16