An Opportunity To Teach Minds and Touch Hearts

Magnified Giving's Student Philanthropy Program is a wonderful service-learning tool that can transform the lives of your students. If you are an academic teacher looking to enhance your curriculum, a club moderator looking to find a meaningful activity to do with your organization, or you are looking for way to teach philanthropy (the giving one's time, talent or treasure) as a new organization that will empower young people, then our program is a perfect vehicle for you.

The backbone of Magnified Giving's Student Philanthropy Program is the dedicated, caring, hard-working teachers who love their students and want to see them become not only academically educated, but also want to help them become well-informed, caring, compassionate people who learn the power of giving. The success of our program at your school truly relies on finding that right person (or people) to champion the cause and lead his or her students through the philanthropy process. It is a worthwhile investment of time and energy!

Magnified Giving understands the important role the teacher plays in our program. Not only does each school group receive $1000 to grant, each teacher also receives $250 as a THANK YOU for the time and energy he or she invests in the students and the program.

Quotes from student participants:

“This program gives students the chance to do something bigger than themselves…it has made me grow and become a more mature person.”

“The philanthropy project has helped me to become a more fulfilled philanthropist, and opened my eyes to all the new opportunities I have to help serve others and my community."

"Magnified Giving's Student Philanthropy Program is the best program that anyone could ever be a part of and it is my favorite club at MND (Mount Notre Dame). It changes your life so much. The passion and love you can gain for working with non-profits and the love you achieve for philanthropy is amazing. This is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I have learned to help others more and that I can make a difference."

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If you are interested in seeing if our Student Philanthropy Program is a good fit for your school, click HERE to download the application. Contact Program Director Todd Forman ( if you have any questions.