Step by Step

Hands-On Philanthropy - Step by Step

In order to provide students with the tools necessary to model successful philanthropists, we have developed a step-by-step approach for the Student Philanthropy process.  These steps will roughly provide the sequence of event that need to take place for students to have a successful and fulfilling year.

Step 1 - Develop The Foundation    Getting off to a good start!

Step 2 - Organizing Student Groups   Developing student "boards"

Step 3 - Exploring Social Causes  What are the needs of our community?

Step 4 - Non-Profit Agency Research  Which organizations are addressing these needs?

Step 5 - Contacting Non-Profits  Inviting organizations to officially apply for your grant

Step 6 - Examining Grant Applications  How do you best review a grant application?

Step 7 - Presenting The Research  How should students share their findings with the group?

Step 8 - Choosing Your Winner  Methods for determining who should receive your grant

Step 9 - Notifying the Agencies  Letting winners (and non-winners) know the results

Step 10 - Awards Ceremony  Celebrating and presenting checks!

Step 11 - Follow Up  Monitoring the investment and staying connected