Step 8 - Decide

Deciding Which Agency Receives Your Grant

There are numerous ways for students to determine who should receive your grant. Factors include the amount of money you have to award, program implementation, student participation, etc. The important part of this step is to remember that we want student discussion and want them to be challenged with difficult decision-making. This is where learning occurs.

Many schools invite representatives from the two or three finalist agencies to present to their group.  These presentations are usually limited in length and may or may not involve the use of audiovisual aids - this is up to each group, but these guidelines should be clearly communicated to the agency representatives before they come to your school.  In some cases, the agencies present by themselves (with introductions by group members), and in other cases the students and agency reps co-present to the group.  Schools have successfully implemented both models effectively.

Most Magnified Giving groups are rather large and limit voting rights to themselves.  Determining who gets a vote and who doesn't is up to each group.  In some schools, student participants earn "voting points" based upon their level of participation throughout the process - meeting attendance, site visit participation, fundraising events, and extra activities.

  • All-school Voting:  Some schools have presented their research to larger groups of students through presentations and use of video, and have allowed others to participate in the voting process.
  • Faculty Voting: Some schools have had student groups present to a faculty, board of directors, or other adult panel.  These adults help choose the winner.
  • Group Consensus:  Smaller groups have simply reviewed the Grant Applications and discussed which agency deserves to receive their grant.
  • Hybrid: Schools have also created their own hybrid approach to selecting a winner - it is up to each group to decide what works best for them.

There is no right or wrong way to select the winning agency, as long as the students and teacher feel the process was done fairly and that due-diligence was observed.   Magnified Giving wants the students to experience the challenge of making difficult decisions when it comes to donating of one's treasure - the thrill of saying "yes", and the pain of saying "no".