Magnified Giving & Non-Profit Agencies: Partners in Education

The Process
Student groups who participating in Magnified Giving Student Philanthropy Program are entrusted with $1000 (or more) and are given a challenge - to find the best possible way to invest this into the non-profit community!

To do this, the students look for quality organizations that are serving the needs of their communities. Students identify these non-profits in several different ways. Typical research methods include asking their parents, teachers and other adults which non-profits they are familiar with, using Google to find non-profits in their area, exploring Magnified Giving's Resource Page, through our Qualified Non-Profits list, etc.... Students then generate a short list of agencies to explore as they decide where to grant their money.

Once a school contacts your organization, if you haven't done so already, you will be asked to first REGISTER on our website. The students will ask some of the agencies they explore to complete a basic online Grant Application*.  They may ask follow up questions, ask for a short site visit, or perhaps ask you to come visit their school - if you have time in your schedule.  FInally, if you are chosen as a grant recipient, you will be asked to attend the Award Ceremony in late April or early May to receive your check.  (*This Grant Application will stay on file for the entire academic year for all students to see as they consider where to grant their money.)

An investment in the next generation of donors
Non-profit organizations are Magnified Giving's Partners in Education. Keep in mind that while you will be asked to complete these tasks, what you are really doing is truly touching the lives of many students and developing relationships that may last a long, long time. Remember - besides possibly receiving a $1000 check, you may also get a committed group of volunteers, future donors, and possibly furure board members!

Joy Blang - Former President of Josh Cares
Applying for a grant from a student group through Magnified Giving is not just about securing much needed funding for a program. It is an opportunity to play a role in the education and development of the next generation of philanthropic leaders. It is also a chance to interact with bright compassionate students who are looking for opportunities to make a difference now—not in 20 years. Now, when a YPC group invites us to apply for a grant, I get more excited about the new students and faculty members
I might meet who will become hooked on service to Josh Cares than about the prospect of a new grant for our organization. Magnified Giving has brought many wonderful new supporters to Josh Cares and we will continue to support them in any way we can.

Thank you for partnering with us and the students. Contact Program Director Todd Forman ( if you have any questions.